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About Us

Pixel Science was born in 2007 with the goal of providing clients with effective, trackable and affordable digital marketing services that would allow their businesses to be found and thrive online.

We found that the many small businesses did not have the luxury of an in-house marketing department and often struggled with trying to manage the day to day tasks of running a business while trying to find the time to plan and execute a digital marketing plan. This often lead to poorly planned and implemented solutions that were frequently completed by inexperienced staff or multiple third party service providers often leading to a lack of cohesiveness, wasted money and wasted opportunity.

That’s where Pixel Science comes in. Our team works with clients in many industries to develop comprehensive digital marketing plans to promote and sell their brands online while providing them with detailed data driven results. We provide clients with a single point of contact and work within a budget to determine the best way to leverage our service offerings to bring traffic to your website and convert it.

A lot has changed over the years as the internet has grown and matured, but we continue to provide our clients with cutting edge services that allow their businesses to connect, engage, and convert online.