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In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization is the process used to optimize various elements of a website to improve its search engine rankings. In reality, SEO is a highly specialized discipline with many moving parts. SEO requires a detailed ongoing search optimization strategy to be put together to be as effective as possible.

If your website is not being found on the first page or even the top 10 search results when someone is searching for your products or services, chances are your customers are looking at someone else. Planning and executing a detailed SEO strategy will help improve your site’s rankings in the search engines which will deliver more users to your website.

It’s More than Just Words

It used to be that you could just stuff your website with keywords and the search engines would find and rank your site based on them. Those days are long gone and search providers like Google have worked hard to improve search results by including many factors on how they rank a site. These factors include things like website structural elements, mobile friendliness, inbound links, site load time and many other components that make up your website. The team at Pixel Science understand these many factors and can develop an optimization strategy that will ensure your digital presence is meeting it’s potential!

Social media has forever changed the way people share information with each other. Social media sites and blogs now make up a huge piece of the time people spend online. That doesn’t mean that everyone should have a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page just to have one. Pixel Science understands Social and can help develop a Social Media component to your SEO strategy that makes sense for your business goals.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

  • High Return on Investment – Search Engine Optimization is long lasting and maintaining a high placement is relatively easy once your site has achieved a high organic ranking.
  • Cost effective conversion – SEO allows users to find your site without you incurring a cost as is the case with paid advertising. If your site is ranked high in organic ranking, leads or transactions generated through it cost you very little.
  • Measurable – It is relatively easy to use tools like website analytics to measure the success of your optimization and to refine your strategy to keep improving results.

Pixel Science’s SEO Services

What do we offer? We offer comprehensive SEO strategy development and deployment. We can do everything for you, or we can break the plan down into components of which you may choose to do some yourself while using we complete the more technical ones. We monitor and track the success of the strategy and make any adjustments along the way to ensure things are progressing as planned.

Our SEO Strategies include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content development
  • Website code optimization
  • Clean Link Building Development
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Website Analytics

As a full service Digital Marketing Agency, we also offer complete Website Design and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services which allows us to provide you with an all-encompassing solution for your Digital Marketing needs.